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Creating content strategies

Content is the perfect tool for both acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. Through well-chosen channels and polished texts, you will spread awareness of your brand and the products or services you offer.

Tvorba obsahový strategií
Copywriting na web

Website copywriting

Your website is your business card, so it should reflect your brand values and vision not only visually, but also through text. If you're looking for someone who is fluent in the language of your target audience, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Blog content

Show your customers that you're a leader in your industry and pave the path to purchase! Through relevant blog content, you'll answer important questions about your service or product and strengthen your customer's trust in your brand.

Blogový obsah
SEO texty

SEO texts

Copywriting today is no longer just about creative thinking, but has its own technical rules. Through the appropriate use of keywords and links in on-site and off-site texts, you will strengthen your website's authority and move up the search engines.

E-mailing campaigns

Don't rely on customers remembering you at first. You can send useful content directly to their inbox, where they'll notice you even if they're not looking for your product or service.

E-mailingové kampaně

Service guarantor

Jakub Janíček

Jakub learned to write before he learned to speak. He has been copywriting for over 6 years and has written hundreds of pages, has been at the birth of several interesting projects and regularly shares his know-how with marketing agencies and international companies.

"I am an incurable perfectionist. I approach every text so that it speaks a language that the target audience understands. Whether you need help with your content strategy, creating blog articles or straight writing an e-book, don't be afraid to get in touch. I'd put my hand up for the quality of my services."


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