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Simple landing page

You only need to communicate the most basic information. You just need people to find out about your project, place or event. You don't need any subpages and you are able to convey all the content in a few sentences, possibly photos or infographics. If you're looking for just such a solution, get in touch.

Examples of websites we have implemented:

Landing page
Webové stránky

Corporate websites

Do you need a comprehensive web presence for your brand? Do you want people to read the story about your brand, know your service offerings, see what you're like, be able to contact you easily, or be able to search for more information on your website? A corporate website is the ideal solution. A website homepage that catches the eye at first glance. Several sub-pages of the site with a range of important information and other web features.

Examples of websites we have implemented:


Do you want to sell your products online? Then you need a website that can handle the product catalogue, cart and checkout system, order management, order overview and administration and countless other essential elements needed for the proper functioning of an e-shop.

We will connect your e-shop to a payment gateway such as Comgate, GoPay, ČSOB or ThePay. We will also make your accounting easier by intergrading the invoicing programs iDoklad, Fakturoid, Fio banka or Vyfakturuj.

See what e-shops we have already implemented:


Website management

Our cooperation does not have to end with the creation of websites. We will make sure that your website contains up-to-date information, the system is regularly updated and secure.

Websites that we manage in the long term:

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